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My first Mac

Few months ago I bought my first mac. This is a MacBook Pro 15” with 512GB of HDD and 16GB of memory. Processor is Intel 2.3GHz. I choose this hardware because of my work. Mainly I’m a web developer which has to deal with strong usage of several hardware consuming services. Before this computer I had Samsumg laptop with similar configuration and that was ok for me. So i thought that this device will meet my needs.

After using it for couple of months now I can say that this is the best computer I’ve ever had. Not only because of the hardware but software too. I’m talking about OSX mainly. The system itself is very user friendly. Small things make this OS great, like notifications, touchpad gestures and so on. Some of the third party applications that are prepered for this OS are not only beutiful but usefull too. For the first time managing passwords with 1password was a pleasure for me. I’m using Evernote for a long time now and for the first time it looks good. I can go through all of my applications that I’m using but this is not the case. Before I¬†choose an application I’m trying serveral of them in that specyfic area. This is my way of selecting solutions for my daily work. So every application on my computer i selected with patients. And on Mac I’m always getting proper app, which looks just beautiful.

Before OSX I’ve been using Debian with Xmodan as Window Manager. This was a great experience, mainly because of stability. I’m not done with that configuration – I have Debian or Ubuntu on my test and production servers. I’ve needed solution for my work station. It’s nice to launch applications with keybord and to have this open source environment, but after some time I’ve decided to move to more useful platform, where I can have tools ready to speed up my work out-of-the box. In Mac with OSX I have that.

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